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Cohort: 2
Designation: Independent Director
Organisation: Tata Motors Limited, Mumbai
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Mr.Vinesh Kumar Jairath, IAS served as Deputy General Manager of Union Bank of India. Mr.Jairath has over 26 years of varied administrative experience. Mr.Jairath served as the Managing Director of State Industrial and Investment Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd. (a/k/a SICOM Ltd.). Mr.Jairath provided consultancy and advisory services to some overseas funds and manufacturing companies in the areas of infrastructure development and industrial investment. Mr.Jairath joined the Indian Administrative Service in 1982 and has held various positions in the government of Maharashtra and the GOI, such as Director in MoEF, GoI, New Delhi, and Secretary to the Governor of Maharashtra and as the Principal Secretary (Industries), Maharashtra. He has been an Independent Director at Avantha Power & Infrastructure Limited since June 25, 2008. He serves as a Director of Tata Motors Limited and Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. He serves as a Director at Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). He served as a Director of Maharashtra State Financial Corporation from May 25, 2003 to June 12, 2005 and MOIL Limited from February 10, 2005 to March 31, 2008. Mr.Jairath holds a Bachelors' degree in Public Administration and Law from the Punjab University, Chandigarh, and a Masters' degree in Development Economics from the University of Manchester, UK. Presently he is board member of several organisations and Independent Board Director of Tata Motors, Mumbai.


Cohort: 2
Designation: Director, Extra Mural Studies
Organisation: University of Mumbai, Mumbai
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Mugdha Dhananjay Karnik is Director of extra-mural studies at the University of Bombay in India, where she also earned her master's degree in sociology. As director, she has organized many educational projects and science-oriented activities for rural children and women. She has also successfully completed two projects involving local students in the study of their own village ecosystem. These create a database of local bio-resources as well as build students' awareness of environmental issues. Recently, she organized a three day lecture series for women and school and college students on various aspects of environment and development in a rural area which is in the process of industrialization. She organizes other educational activities regarding women's rights, women's health, the Indian system of medicine (the Ayurveda) and legal aid for rural women. For urban students, her unit organizes nature study trails, marine trails, painting, sculpture and pottery camps, aquarium camps and astrophysics camps.


Cohort: 11
Designation: Vice Chancellor
Organisation: Mumbai University, Mumbai
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: At the age of 37, Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh was selected as Professor of Life Sciences at the 154 year old University of Mumbai (estd. 1857). He is currently heading the University Department of Life Sciences, and the only Faculty of the University to hold recognition as PhD Teacher of the University in three Subjects, i.e., Botany, Life Sciences and Environmental Sciences. Professor Sanjay holds a PhD Degree in Science, which he obtained at the age of 25 from the University of Mumbai. He was trained in China in 1991, under a fellowship from IDRC-Canada, in United Kingdom in 1993 under the Colombo Plan Award and at IIM - Ahmadabad in 1993 in areas of farm forestry, global biodiversity management, and management of CPR (common property resources) respectively. Professor Sanjay has extensively travelled throughout the World (except Antarctica) spanning 43 countries for research and inter-governmental collaborations. He holds life memberships and elected fellowships of several prestigious Societies and Organisations.


Cohort: 3
Designation: Professor and Head Centre for Environmental Science & Engineering (CESE)
Organisation: Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Dr. Asolekar is professor of environmental Engineering at the Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay. He combines his teaching and industrial consultation activities with research projects funded by various national and international agencies. Dr. Asolekar received his bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Bombay and then contiued on to earn his master's and doctoral degrees, both in environmental engineering in the United States. In addition, he completed post-doctoral research at Harvard University. Dr. Asolekar's interests include hazardous waste management, recycling and recovery, waste minimization in the chemical industry, the modeling of global atmospheric chemical dynamics, the disposal and transportation of toxic pollutants into aquatic ecosystems and the use of remote sensing for marine pollution monitoring. He has made conscious efforts for promoting environmental awareness using media, advising industrial workers , schools and colleges, addressing group meetings and arranging field trips.


Cohort: 4
Designation: Freelance consultant and writer
Organisation: Pune
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Dr. Milind Bokil is a Sociologist and Marathi writer from Pune. He was the Country Representative for Oxfam-Australia till June 2009 and prior to that was associated with various civil society organizations for more than 25 years. He was involved into the students and youth movement in the 70s. Taking inspiration from this movement, he spent some years of his youth with tribal communities in Western India. His doctoral work dealt with the issue of collective management of water resources in drought prone region wherein he analyzed the common property resource use in the context of growth versus equity debate. He has done extensive work with tribal communities in Maharashtra and his other research interests focus on natural resource management, rural development, education, gender issues, migrant children and disaster management. He has published a number of articles on these issues. He has been writing fiction and non-fiction in Marathi and has published more than ten books comprising of short story volumes, novels, travelogues and socio-anthropological studies. A national award winning movie 'Shala' was based on his novel of the same name and is translated into English and published by HarperCollins India Ltd in 2014.


Cohort: 5
Designation: Director
Organisation: National Organization for Community Welfare, Wardha
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Dr. Priti Joshi has completed her Ph.D in Botany from Nagpur University in 1992. She is Lead fellow of Cohort - V . She is working in the field of biodegradation of organic materials (composting techniques) and promotion of organic farming amongst farmers in different villages after completing her Ph. D. She has worked with various NGOs (Center of Science for Villages Wardha, Vikas Mitra Baster and Dharamitra Wardha ) and Government Organizations (IIT DELHI, Khadi and Village Industries Commission MUMBAI and Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural Industrialization WARDHA) during her Professional Carrier from 1992-2009. From 2009 onward she has started working independently with her own organization as stated above. She is now devoting her full time for rural development and working in the area of kitchen garden development with rural women and children to overcome the problem of malnutrition and anemia, vocational training for rural students specially school dropouts and trainings on organic farming and sustainable development involving the village farmers. She is at present working in 26 villages of Wardha district with participation of local people for holistic rural development.


Cohort: 6
Designation: Country Coordinator
Organisation: International Budget Partnership, Mumbai
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Ravi Duggal based in Mumbai is a Sociologist and presently works with the International Budget Partnership, an international NGO based in Washington DC. The IBP (www.internationalbudget.org ) works across the world on promoting budget transparency and accountability through research, trainings and advocacy. Prior to that he was the coordinator of CEHAT (Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes) which is the Research Centre of Anusandhan Trust. CEHAT has emerged as a national centre for social science research on health issues(see www.cehat.org ). His current areas of interest include governance, accountability and budgets, health policy and financing, womens' health issues, private health sector regulation, and health insurance and universal access to healthcare, and health and human rights. In a previous position, he conducted research for the Foundation of Research in Community Health and established 'health economics' as an area of research in India. He is presently the Vice President of the Health Economics Association of India. Prior to CEHAT he worked with SWISSAID an NGO donor agency which supports peoples' organisations on asserting their rights. He has also worked as a consultant in health planning, policy and financing with the national Ministry of Health in Delhi, and on governance and budget issues with Action Aid International across Asia. He is interested in creating a universal access health care system for India.


Cohort: 6
Designation: Executive Director
Organisation: Centre of Science for Village, Wardha
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Dr. Soham Pandya hails from a family which has devoted their life for establishing Gandhian principles of Truth and Non Violence. He is a student of Biotechnology. He did his M.Sc. from M. S. University, Baroda and Ph.D. from Sardar Patel University, Vallabh-Vidyanagar, Anand, Gujarat. He completed British Council sponsored Certificate Course for "Natural Resource Managers" at Center for Developmental Studies, Swansea, Wales, U.K. and attended a Certificate Course in "Basic Computer Application for Managing Natural Resources" at Wye College, London, U.K. He worked as faculty in different colleges affiliated to Pune Universities, Nagpur University and Amravati University. At present he is Executive Director of a voluntary organization Called "Centre of Science for Villages" (CSV), Dattapur, Wardha. CSV works in the field of Entrepreneurship Development, Housing, Sanitation, Renewable Energy, Village Industries, Agriculture and Forestry. Dr. Soham Pandya is engaged in research, field trials, field extension, training, entrepreneurship development and policy interventions. Dr. Soham Pandya has introduced a range of Appropriate Technologies (AT) and Methodologies which are Ecologically Sound; Economically Viable and Socially Just. These technologies are related to i) Organic Farming ii) Land Cover Management iii) Watershed Management iv) Forest Resource Management v) Habitation Creation Using Locally Available Construction Material i.e. Mud and Bamboo vi) Total Sanitation for Solid and Liquid waste management vii) Renewable Energy viii) Village Industries and ix) Entrepreneurship Development As Principle Investigator, Dr. Soham Pandya has implemented more than dozen scientific Project funded by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Women and Child Development, CAPART etc. As Mother NGO of Maharashtra Government (Ministry of Agriculture) and Program Implementing Agency (PIA) of Watershed Management Program he transferred a range of AT in 220 villages of Vidarbha, Maharashtra. A Draft Proposal on Land Cover Management has been written by Dr. Soham Pandya for Science and Society Division, Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, New Delhi. He has published many scientific papers, books, reports and popular articles. He is a fellow of Leadership in Environment and Development (LEAD) - International and member of many organizations.


Cohort: 7
Designation: Director
Organisation: Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF), Pune
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Dr. Archana Godbole is a Founder director and current Forest Investment programme CSO observer. Plant taxonomist and ethno biologist by training, she has developed various programmes of AERF through the work on the ground far last 18 years. She has been responsible for developing various programmes and initiatives of AERF and has represented AERF on many national as well as international Fora. A fellow of LEAD ( Leadership for Environment and Development ) Cohort 7. Through this training learned a great deal of environment & development at national as well as international level. Lead training of two years( 80 days ) covering range of issues and thorough experience in developed as well as developing countries, built capacity to work for change in a balanced way. Lead is a network of more than 1500 professionals across the globe with expertise of almost every discipline. Dr. Godbole has worked with indigenous communities from north east India for six years, documented traditional knowledge that has been used for sustainable natural resources management. Now promoting indigenous people's partnerships and champions for addressing food security , food sovereignty and climate change issues . Associated with Indigenous Partnership programme , that is trying to promote indigenous Champions and their agro-biodiversity practices at global platforms to learn for adaptations. Dr. Godbole firmly believes in Civil society action beyond thinking and research. Being a Civil society Observer of Climate Investment Funds ( world Bank ) she is constantly trying to influence international processes through effective civil society networks in South Asia and Pacific including Lead. Dr. Archana Has developed a North Western Ghats conservation network of organizations working for conservation in the north Western Ghats Since 2011 and is part of the Save the Western Ghats group an informal congregation of organizations and individuals working for advocacy and action , in Six states of Western Ghats for people and conservation. Participation in the FIP has provided her an opportunity to interact with many similar conservation programmes and a scope to know the broad process like REDD and REDD +. The participation in FIP and CIF meetings is an opportunity to influence the processes at international level for conservation, learning approaches and feeding back to the FIP process own experiences and learning's. As an observer she has been constantly in touch with the networks and share the process and information, decisions of the meetings. Dr. Godbole is an invited NGO member representative of Clinton Global Initiative and AERF's commitment on Safeguarding Forests and Biodiversity of north western Ghats has been felicitated in CGI annual meeting of 2011. Archana has received prestigious Whitley associated Award in 2007 for her long term work on Conservation of Sacred Forests in the north Western Ghats. Maintaining sacred forests as strategy of adaption , linking them to private forest conservation has been successfully initiated and pursued by Dr. Godbole since in the inception of AERF in 1995. Constantly working for innovative approaches for conservation on the ground has been her commitment of life.


Cohort: 8
Designation: Project Director
Organisation: PRAKRITI Foundation, Ahmednagar
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Ashok C. Tanurkar is Project Director and Secretary of Prakriti Foundation, an NGO based at Ralegan Siddhi in Maharashtra. Mr. Tanurkar is responsible for administration, formulation and implementation of various rural development projects through community participation. He is instrumental in establishing the Centre for Geoinformatics Application in Rural Development (C-GARD) at Ralegan Siddhi which helps NGOs in preparation of GIS based Action Plans and imparts training in GIS to field level functionaries. Erlier, he worked on Tank Rehabilitation Project in Naded district of Maharashtra. Previously he worked with Hind Swaraj Trust at Ralegan Siddhi for 10 years in watershed development & management, SHGs & UGs and training to field workers, GO/NGO functionaries and farmers. He implemented about 10 projects in the village through villagers' participation. He is also interested in organic farming and environmental education. He has contributed a paper to a book published by International Institute for Rural Reconstruction and OIKOS. He has been felicitated by the Center for Science and Environment, New Delhi for development and study of India's traditional water harvesting systems. He has also been felicitated twice by Ralegan Siddhi Parivar for his contribution to the village development.


Cohort: 9
Designation: Sr. Vice President
Organisation: BAIF Development Research Foundation, Pune
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Bharat Kakade is Sr. Vice President of BAIF, an Indian NGO working for rural livelihood through sustainable management of natural resources for last 45 years with a spread of its work in 16 Indian states, 60000 villages covering over 4 million rural poor families. He is a Member, Planning and Review Committee, National Institute of Hydrology, Govt of India; Member of Working Group on Water Mission, Dept of Water Resources, Govt of India. Managing the associate organizations of BAIF –Rajasthan Rural Institute of Development Management (RRIDMA), BIRD-Andhra Pradesh, BIRD-Karnataka, Dr. Manibhai Desai Management Training Center Pune and NRM division of BAIF Pune Significant contribution for innovative and replicable projects include conjunctive use of water resources in the Deccan Trap; Ravine land reclamation with equitable ground water utilization in Kanpur (Rural) district of Uttar Pradesh; Innovative decentralized water resource development using farm pond network in Karnataka; drought-proofing approach in semi-arid region of Rajasthan; Integrating Drinking Water in Watershed Development, a trilateral project between India, South Africa and UK. Instrumental in developing “Sustainable Rural Livelihood in Backward districts of Maharashtra” under World Bank supported National Agricultural Innovation Programme (NAIP) of ICAR. As an External Evaluator (mid-term and final), programme development consultant of domestic and bilateral programmes, undertook several assignments. Major assignments completed include for organizations - ICEF, Plan International, Concern World Wide, SRTT, SDTT, IWMI, HUL, CCAFS. Also played Advisory role to the organizations including Malanadu Development Society, Kerala; ‘Krishi Gram Vikas Kendra (KGVK), Jharkhand’ of the corporate Usha Martin Group; Admin. of Andaman and Nicobar’; Govt of Jammu and Kashmir. Faculty: Civil Engineering at Government College of Engineering, Pune (1991-92); Bharati Vidyapith Institute of Environment Education and Research (2000-05) and National Training Session of Cohort 12 –LEAD India (2007). Awards/Recognitions: Received prestigious Tejwani National Award for excellence in Research, Training and Development of Natural Resource for biennial 1996-97. The project “Conjunctive Use of Water Resources in Deccan Trap India “implemented during 1993 to 1997 was recognized by United Nations and awarded by Government of Maharashtra. Project was assessed by UNEP as one of the top 10 successful environment protection projects in the world. His NAIP project in Maharashtra received TOI Social Impact Award in 2011. Publications: 2 watershed development manuals, 4 case study booklets, 2 research reports and 15 research papers. 14 papers presented in the workshops at national and international level.


Cohort: 9
Designation: Director
Organisation: Bombay Natural History Society, Mumbai
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Dr. Deepak Apte is at present the Director of the Bombay Natural History Society. He has a doctorate degree in Marine Ecology. He also acquired post graduate certificates programme at AIT, Bangkok and Duke University, USA. For over 30 years he has been exploring marine life at various parts of Indian coast. Deepak has authored 4 books, 45 peer reviewed publications in the prestigious journals like Nature, Evolution, Systematic and Biodiversity and JMBA (UK) and several popular articles. Deepak is the member of Maharashtra State Biodiversity Board Animal Committee and Executive Committee member of CBD NGO Alliance and UNDP-GOI East Godavari Programme. At present he is heading number of research and conservation programmes in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar and central India. In 2008, Deepak received prestigious Whitley Award given by the Shears Foundation for his work of establishing community managed marine protected area and saving Giant Clams in Lakshadweep. Recently he received Whitley Continuation Award to do research and conservation of giant clams in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He is a Fellow of the Smithsonian Environmental Leadership Programme, LEAD-India, International Visitors Programme, USA and Duke University Marine Programme. Well travelled to over 50 countries, he has undergone extensive training on sustainable development. Deepak is an excellent underwater photographer and Advance Open Water PADI diver with more than 5000 hours of dive log. He aims to popularize marine biodiversity through research, field expeditions, publication of books.Established full fledge Marine Conservation Programme in BNHS.


Cohort: 13
Designation: President and Executive Director
Organisation: Wildlife Conservation Trust, Mumbai
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Dr. Anish Andheria is the President and Executive Director of Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT), a not-for-profit that works with 90 national parks and sanctuaries spread across 17 states of India. He has been awarded the prestigious Carl Zeiss Conservation Award in 2008. He has helped set up Kids for Tigers, a nation-wide conservation education programme which currently reaches out to over half a million school children every year. After completing his Ph.D. from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, he went on to pursue a Masters Degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from National Center for Biological Sciences, Bengaluru. He is a large carnivore specialist with field knowledge on predator-prey relationships. A wildlife photographer of repute, he has photographed some of the most remote wildlife reserves of India. He has also co-authored two books on Indian wildlife. He runs a wildlife rescue center in Mumbai and is a Trustee of 'The Climate Reality Project, India' and 'Conservation Wildlands Trust'. A natural communicator, he is one of India's leading motivational speakers, and has introduced thousands of young persons to the joys of nature and the rationale for nature conservation.


Cohort: 13
Designation: Director
Organisation: Khoj, Melaghat
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Bandu Sane is the Director of KHOJ which works in the Melghat region of Maharashtra. Bandu has a Bachelors in Law from Punjab rao Deshmukh College of Law, Amravati. He also has a certificate in Social welfare administration from TISS, Mumbai and a Masters in Public Administration from Nagpur University, Nagpur. Bandu has previously worked with YUVA as their youth coordinator till 1996 and thereafter set up KHOJ. He has been instrumental in leading the demand of providing quality education to the children in the region as the organization believes that only if children get right education, they will be able to plan for their future.


Cohort: 2
Designation: Environment Advisor
Organisation: Bajaj Auto Limited, Pune
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Rajeev MadhvaJorapur working with Bajaj Auto Limited as Environment Advisor. Prior to this assignment he was with Mercedes Benz India Pvt Ltd as Environment Specialist before that he was assistant director of the Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute, received a B.Tech.in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay. A member of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Mr.Jorapur is interested in renewable energy technologies, particularly those related to biomass and environmental analysis. Past projects undertaken by Mr.Jorapur include the production of ethanol from sweet sorghum using solar energy and a techno-economic feasibility study of setting up a biomass-based 10 mega-watt power plant in western India. Presently, he is involved in the development and marketing of environmentally friendly technologies like low density and leafy biomass gasification systems for thermal applications in different industries. The systems can run on bagasse, sugarcane trash and different agricultural residues and have thermal capacities up to 850,000 Kcal/h (1 mega-watt).


Cohort: 1
Designation: Executive Director & Board Member, Human Resource
Organisation: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Mumbai
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Shrikant Prakash Gathoo is Executive Director and Board Member of Human Resource, BPCL. Prior to this assignment he was General Manager of Project ENTRANS (Enterprise-wide Transformation) at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., a national oil company with an annual turnover of 6 billion US dollars. In this capacity, he is responsible for the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions in the corporation. He has held several previous positions including general manager for human resources development, chief personnel manager and deputy general manager for personnel. As a LEAD member, he hopes to strengthen his environmental knowledge base and develop research in human-resource management and leadership. S.P. Gathoo plans to continue work in his field, expanding upon issues of energy and industrial environmental management in order to develop a global vision for CEO positions. He enjoys long walks, traveling and reading about economic issues. He earned his master's degree in personnel management from the University of Poona in India.


Cohort: 2
Designation: Group Head - Environment
Organisation: ESSAR Group, Mumbai
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Vaidyanathan is the Head Environment of ESSAR Group and is responsible for all Environment and Forest related clearances, compliances, etc. for Indian and International projects and operations. Apart from this he assists the legal team on all matters related to Environment and Forests received a B.S. in Chemical Technology from Osmania University, a P.G. Diploma from Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment. He is a lead auditor for ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18000. A trained facilitator for TQM.


Cohort: 8
Designation: Area Nodal Officer, (Environment)
Organisation: CGM Office, Coal India Limited, Chandrapur
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Hello! This is HEMENDRA.B.SHINDE, 46 Yrs from Chandrapur (M.S.).I have Bsc.Engg (MINING),P.G.Diploma in Environment & Ecology & M.B.A.. qualifications. I have 25 years industrial work experience in INDIAN mining industry in various functions like production,safety, planning, Environment, Pollution Control, HW management, Govt.Laison,Legal compliances,Land Reclamation, Afforestation, Documentation & reporting,CSR,Training, Air & Water Pollution Control etc.


Cohort: 10
Designation: Deputy Resident Editor
Organisation: Daily News & Analysis, Pune
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Abhay Vaidya presently working as Deputy Resident Editor of Daily News & Analysis, in Pune. Prior to that he was Assistant Editor (Chief of Bureau) at Times of India, Pune where he leads a team of city reporters and outstation correspondents. He began his journalistic career in 1987 and since then has reported extensively on political and non-political developments in western Maharashtra. In 1991, he was awarded the Rotary Foundation Journalism Scholarship under which he went to the United States for a graduate study program. He was the Times of India's Washington Correspondent during 1993-94. Abhay's current priorities are to report on a range of urban developmental issues such as traffic and transportation, urban growth, water supply and urban waste disposal. Abhay has also worked in television and has produced a series of short television reports for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) on the problems of refugees in South Asia.


Cohort: 8
Designation: Senior Principal Scientist and Head
Organisation: National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Mrs B. Padma S.Rao is a chemical engineer, working as Senior Principal Scientist for more than 20 years in Air pollution control Division and NEERI KZL, Kolkata of National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, NEERI,(CSIR) India. She has undertaken the following projects: * Developed expertise in design and implementation of air pollution control system for small scale foundries and brick/Lime kilns * Performed about 150 environmental impact and risk assessment and environmental audit studies in various sectors viz refineries, fertilizer, steel plant,petrochemical,cement plant etc. * Carried out environmental auditing of petroleum refineries * Involved in research of flue gas treatability studies for synthetic gas generated from dust generator and controlling it through pilot scale bag filter, multiclone and scrubber She was also involved in carrying capacity studies for national capital region, New Delhi,India and Doon Valley, India. She has developed skills for emission inventory and air environment management. She is a life member of many scientific societies in India namely The Institution of Engineers and Chemical Engineers, Calcutta,India She has in her credit more than 15 research papers published in national journals and has 2 papers in her credit having been presented in International Conferences.


Cohort: 16
Designation: President
Organisation: Dream Organisation, Amravati
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Gajanan Kale works at Apeksha Homoeo Society (NGO) as Assist. Project Director since 14 years. Apeksha Homoeo Society is working in Vidarbha since 34 years in Education, livelihood, health, Women Empowerment, Natural Resource Management etc. sectors. He is responsible for Coordination and management of Livelihood & Natural Resource Management programme, to organize training programme for grass root level people and field staff. He is overall responsible for organization activities. He has experience of over 18 years in community development. He has promoted the organic agriculture practices, planed electricity bio-mass generation, planted solar charging station and promoted Kitchen gardens. He has built the Child Friendly low cost Toilet through water and sanitation programme. Gajanan Kale is president of Dream Organization from 2001.


Cohort: 17
Designation: Independent Consultant
Organisation: Mumbai
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Radhika Kothari, is presently working with WWF, as a consultant for conducting Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation in Sikkim. She has previously worked with the Ecotourism and Conservation Society of Sikkim based in the Eastern Himalayan state of Sikkim (India) from 2007-2009, wherein she developed and implemented alternative livelihood options and environmental awareness programs along with local communities near protected areas. Simultaneously, pursing a distance learning MSc. in Sustainable Development, majoring in Natural Resource Conservation from Sikkim Manipal University. Thereafter, she worked with the Snow Leopard Conservancy India (SLCI), Ladakh as the Deputy Director and subsequently as its Director (2010-2013). Apart from the management responsibilities, she was involved in assessing scientific studies, human-wildlife conflict issues and developing incentive-based community conservation programs. In 2013-14, she received the Department of Geography Scholarship and an Honorary Commonwealth Scholarship to pursue her MPhil in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge, UK. During which, she worked with Birdlife International for developing a road map for the roll-out of Ecosystem Based Adaption (EbA) for its Africa Partnership. She gathered insights from the East African projects to develop the scope and strategy for EbA uptake. She is particularly interested in working in the Himalayan ecosystems and with the mountain communities, including their unique mosaic of socio-cultural and economical aspects to address contemporary conservation and climate change issues.


Cohort: 17
Designation: Director
Organisation: SIES- Indian Institute of Environmental Management, Nerul
Region: Maharashtra
Biosketch: Dr. Seema Mishra is presently working as Director at SIES- Indian Institute of Environment Management, Nerul. Before that she worked at Centre for Rural Development and Technology, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. She has successfully completed many research and outreach projects with funding from different government and non- government funding agencies. Her research interest is in the areas of Sustainable Waste Utilization, Biodiversity Conservation, Phytoremediation, Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change. At post graduate level she teaches Sustainable Environment Management, CSR and Natural Resource Management. She has been actively involved in the dissemination of technologies at both rural and urban interface in U. P., M. P., Haryana and Maharashtra states of India. She has received Konark Memorial Award for excellence in research in biosciences in 2013 and Women Scientist Fellowship from Department of Science and Technology during 2004 to 2007. She has authored and editedtwo books and published number of research papers in International and National journals. She isExpert Memberfor Environmental Sciences in different organizations. She is Editor of International Journal of Environmental Sciences (ISSN 2249- 2127) published by IBH, Mumbai.