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Climate Change Adaptation

Workshop on Climate Change and its Adaptation

LEAD India has facilitates a workshop on “Climate Change and its Adaptation Lutheran World Relief, an International organisation to sensatise and orient their staff and partner NGOs on basic issues of climate change in a very "demystified" manner to think and plan adaptation within their existing projects/programs.

Different aspects of climate change are covered during workshop sessions through technical presentation, group exercise and documentaries on climate change evidences. Participants gain knowledge, leadership skills, and self-awareness to enhance their capacity as change-makers. Participants also learn from and are inspired by each other, sharing their experiences, and identifying future opportunities for collaboration. How can society adapt to the impacts of climate change? What innovations are required to develop new technologies, policies and approaches, and to scale-up existing solutions? How can countries and sectors better work together to use growing interdependence as a basis for collective action? What lessons can be learned from other countries?

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