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Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) - Expanding its portfolio in India

Since April 2012, LEAD India has been supporting  the ‘Climate and Development Knowledge Network’ (CDKN) programme under the banner of ‘Two Networks Working Together’. This is also a collaboration with LEAD Pakistan who serve as the Asia secretariat for CDKN and manage all activities in the region.

CDKN is a 5-year global programme which began in 2010 with funding from the UK and Dutch Governments. It supports policy-makers to design and deliver climate compatible development policies and programmes, by offering a variety of services procured competitively, including technical assistance, research and knowledge management.

A full-time Project Manager for CDKN (Elizabeth Gogoi) is based in the LEAD India Secretariat and is responsible for managing CDKN’s projects in India and elsewhere. She has been supported by a number of LEAD India Fellows who have generously provided advice as well as made connections with interested and relevant State Governments. In particular a special thanks should go to LEAD Fellows Pushkin Phartiyal, Sunder Subramanian, Shruti Sharma, Sujatha Byravan, Kapil Mohan and Damandeep Singh. 

CDKN’s programme in India has taken a major step forward thanks to this support. Clear objectives for CDKN’s work here have now been defined, and new projects are soon to be underway. CDKN plans to focus at the State level in India, and to support a few target State Governments with preparing for implementation of the State Action Plans on Climate Change (SAPCC). This is in addition to projects already underway to deliver State level innovation on climate-smart Disaster Risk Reduction, and promoting inclusive policy-making on climate compatible development. As LEAD India’s role in CDKN’s work in the country continues,  the seeds have certainly been sown for future larger collaborative initiatives between the two LEAD networks.