About LEAD

LEAD (Leadership for Environment and Development) is a unique, ever growing, live international network of professionals and organizations/ institutions, committed to the cause of development development that is environmentally sustainable, socially equitable and economically viable.

The LEAD Network has a fleet of professional who are highly successful leaders working on complex local, as well as global, environmental and development issues. These leaders undergo an intense Leadership program with us for one year and graduate to become LEAD Fellows to be a part of the LEAD family forever.  

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Our Member Programmes in Anglophone West Africa, Brazil, Canada, China, Commonwealth of Independent States, Europe, Francophone Africa, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, Southern and Eastern Africa.

     LEAD India Network

We are a unique international network of professionals working in all areas of sustainable development spread out in:-

Civil Society Organsation

LEAD network members are highly successful leaders working on complex local to global environmental and development issues in more than 90 countries of the world.

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      Testimonials Join LEAD... Become a LEAD Fellow

  • "From ‘closed’ to ‘open’, ‘dominating’ to ‘participatory’, ‘imposing to ‘facilitating’ and ‘individual’ to ‘group’. These are the techniques I have learned with LEAD".

    -Thomas Chandy

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  • It is my sincere and firm belief that LEAD Program is one of the best programs across the Globe for the young and up-coming leaders around the world. I consider myself very fortunate and lucky to be a part of such program. LEAD Training programs have widen my perspective and changed the way I look at various activities and development around me and in various parts of the world. It has greatly enhance my skill in dealing with my staff, clients and colleagues. Further LEAD challanges me to think in new ways with new perspective and to question and link the situations and activities around my work and my life."  

    -Lalbiak Mawia Ngente

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  • "The excitement and challenge of working with a multicultural, multi disciplinary group for a shared vision has been the most rewarding experience. LEAD has also helped me to make better choices at my individual level—choices that are the best for me and our world."


    -Veena Ravichandran

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  • "For me the session is an enriching experience. Now I am in a position to look at my work at micro-level with an eagle’s eye-view. Systems thinking and problem solving are particularly useful tools for me for working in communities."  

    -Ashok C Tanurkar

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To develop leadership and engage it synergistically on the issues of environment and development for achieving equitable and sustainable development in our country


“To build and inspire leadership for Change”